Wednesday, 30 April 2014

"Small World ft. D-Sisive/ Fly Like A Butterfly" by Mike Boyd

"I got that little money, little wallet, little pockets/
I'm on that little label, little business, little office/
Yep, I got a little doggy, yep, I got a little son/
Yep, I get a little buzzed, get a little sloppy, get a little drunk/
I'm insecure about myself, I got a small ego/
I have a small crew, I hang with small people/"
So I recently heard the entirety of Mike Boyd's new project Note The Sarcasm and I really liked it. The album has a familiar feel if you're a fan of Classified, as he produced the whole thing, but Mike has a whole persona and attitude which is really refreshing from his brother. This video features a taste of two of my favourite songs off the album and highlights how different he is from your average "gettin' money" rapper. If you like what you hear I would recommend checking out a stream of the whole album here: Some of my personal favourites beyond the ones in this video are Street Lights, Crash at Your Place and the hilarious Bush League.

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  1. This is a real good track, with two sick Canadian lyricists collaborating. It turned out better than I would have expected to be honest.

    Great post Jesse!