Sunday, 6 April 2014

"I Need Help" by Hopsin

"Man I'm losing my mind, you all assume that I'm cool when I rhyme/
see I'm trying to be Marcus and Hopsin but I get depressed when the two intertwine/
Truthfully, I'm not the man that I used to be, nobody cares who I used to be.../
To talk to so I lose the heat, I'm cut bad and the bruise is deep/
Is there anything you can do for me?" 
This video was really well done, I was impressed. I loved every minute of Hopsin's Knock Madness and its great to have some new visuals when they actually deliver a crazy experience. That effect where he's going back and forth between being Hopsin and Marcus was crazy and the whole atmosphere of the video was intense. I realize from the content of Knock Madness that Hopsin may be a little confused by where his career has taken him but I been watchin this guy's videos since Sag My Pants and he has really come into his own and this video shows it off. Check it out.

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