Thursday, 11 April 2013

"Like I Am" by Rittz

"Me and you are the opposite of identical/
You just cocky, I'm confident, I'm an animal/
And I plan to go far with this rap shit,
you the type to do the quit and give up on 'em like D'Angelo/"

The life and times of Jonny Valiant are slowly being revealed. Today Rittz dropped a video for his newest release, "Like I Am", off his upcoming album under Strange Music. The beat to this song is so sick. It's got that grimy down south feel that makes you wanna get a coat of candy paint on the whip. The videos sick, but it's a little random with the whole front yard scene. The one chick with the tattoos helps make the video a whole lot better too, even though all she did was sit there lol. Anways check this slumerican shit!


  1. can somebody tell me who that girl is so i can propose

    1. sorry bud. if I find out who she is... she's mine!