Monday, 15 April 2013

TeamBackPack Cypher ft. Kutt Calhoun, G-Mo Skee & Oobergeek [prod. by C-Lance]

"I'm letting it drip, and I don't care about the fuckin flesh odour/
I like to feed the leftovers to my pet vulture/
I'm so fatal, I'll cremate your whole label/
Then lay on the ground in the ashes and make a snow angel/"

Over the past while, TeamBackPack's been able to get in touch with a plethora of different artists. There was a few that I woulda posted for certain artists, but this one's the most recent and has a consistent flow of entertainment within it. On top of that, they're spittin over a C-Lance beat. These 3 separate independent artists hit the booth outdoors in front of some sort of mobile fast food van, and absolutely murk it. Check it.

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