Friday, 1 February 2013

"Leo Getz" by Wrekonize ft. Rittz

  "The homie Wrek just wrecked it/
And killed the beat, I guess he wanted me to ressurect it/
I could feel the speed like a needle that's full of meth, injected/
In my neck, but fuck it, it help me get respective/"

Yesterday, Wrekonize from Mayday released his newest project, "The Rooftops Mixtape". I haven't listened to many of the tracks off of it yet, but this one featuring Rittz is fucking sick. The mixtape says it's presented by Mayday and DJ Burn one, so I'm not sure who produced the beat. But god damn, that beat is raw. Wrekonize killed it, but I gotta hand it to Rittz man. He bodied this shit. All in all it's a pretty ill track. The mixtape boasts features from the likes of Rittz, Bernz, Blueprint & Joell Ortiz. If you'd like to listen to the whole mixtape, you can stream/download it here.

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