Monday, 25 February 2013

"Growing Pains" by Classified

"There's so many right and wrongs when you raise a kid/
I just want that father and daughter relationship/
And I know in time that we'll fight and that you'll hate me/
but I pray to God you'll thank me like 'Dad I'm glad you raised me'"
Alright keeping with the big Canadian names Classified's new album which dropped recently is great. This song might sound a little soft if you like hard music but if you give it a chance I think a lot of people will appreciate it. It's a song to his daughters talking about his struggle with not knowing how to raise them right as they're both very young still I believe. Show this to your mom like I did and she might even start gettin all "Oh look how much my boy has grown up, those years flew by." Ha ha anyways check it out, this one goes out to the parents.

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