Tuesday, 26 February 2013

"Long Days, Cold Nights" by Futuristic ft. SwizZz

"My team is gettin' smaller, I keep my circle tight/
And keep these women fallin' like leaves do in autumn/
My niggas don't understand me, my fans be goin the hardest/
I just keep to myself and I keep focused on my target/"

Not really familiar with this Futuristic guy, but this song is pretty sick. Alongside Funk Volume co-founder, SwizZz, this deep track by Futuristic outlines the feeling of working to the best of his ability to acheive his goals. The video had a cool idea as well by comparing the rap hustle to the sports hustle, and the end wasn't as extravagant as I was expecting. But I figure that may be the point of the video. Working extremely hard only to build one small win to take another step towards success. Gotta start somewhere. But yea, dope song, dope video, check it!

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