Tuesday, 26 February 2013

"Grenade Launcher" by Madchild ft. Prevail & Slaine

"These young punks, they think they're so smart/
I might be old but I'm the sickest fuckin' old fart/
I'm so much better, you could blame it on the age difference/
You got your party clothes on, I'm wearing beige slippers/"

The law of averages says they win again. As mentioned in an earlier post, Madchild's crept his way up to the top of our playlist. The 2nd track from his latest album, "Dopesick" finally has a visual. I love this song (aside from Prevail's verse), and it's sick hearing Slaine hook up with the Battle Axe frontman. Looks like they all had fun in this video, and even some fresh barber care. Enjoy this raw shit!

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