Thursday, 28 February 2013

"120% Darkside Justice" by ILL BILL ft. Jedi Mind Tricks

"Bring 'em to the coroner table, and cut 'em open, look inside of 'em/
What the fuck were they thinkin', someone lied to them/
Showed them a dead dream, listenin' to philosophers/
Goin' against me? Victory is impossible!/"

This shit is too fucking raw. I was surprised by how powerful Ill Bill's voice was over top of this crazy beat. This is another release from his upcoming album, "The Grimy Awards", which just came out this past Tuesday. I think this track is fucking sick, as it usually is when Ill Bill and Vinnie collab. This one's got Jus Allah on it too which makes it that much better. The whole album can be streamed if you click here. Enjoy!

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