Tuesday, 5 February 2013

"9 Minute Freestyle" + "Alphabetical Slaughter Pt. 2" by Papoose

"Cheap shots, they sendin' harpoons after us/
Tryna put my name on a courtroom calendar/
You challenging the best, that's a smart move, challenger/
But I gain momentum when y'all lose stamina/
Searchin' for stardom, y'all dudes scavengers/"

The Nacirema Dream is coming! Seems like Papoose has been making an effort to make public appearances lately. That's fine with me. Papoose is a fuckin beast, and you're fucked if you think different lol. This video right here presents 7 different beats for him to spit over, and he pretty much obliterated each and every one of them. Then at the end, he makes an addition to his popular track, "Alphabetical Slaughter" over Nas' "One Mic" instrumental. Based on the past few freestyle videos that I've heard from Pap, I think his upcoming album, "The Nacirema Dream" will join my solid collection of hip-hop albums. Check it.

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