Monday, 25 February 2013

"Wanted" & "Dungeon Dragon" by Mad Child

"Most rap performers are just transformers/
pretend to be crazy, I pretend to be normal/
when listening to Mad they get immediately struck/
then immediately after realize he's really fucked"

So neither of these songs are brand new joints. They're both roughly a year old but I've really been bumping Mad Child alot lately after years of not paying too much attention to him. He's awesome and the people I mention him to don't even know anything about him and he's a big Canadian name. I just wanted to make sure to feature him on the blog with some of this sick shit before he makes any more crazy new stuff. He's kind of lost his marbles a little bit but he's hilarious. He can also get dark and serious too and he always brings a huge vocabulary. I just wanted to show two sides of him so you get the first track to understand the dude on a real level and the second track to just see that crazy emcee shit with a jokes video. ROW ROW!

"Trust me I'm a Hi-Fi, Sci-Fi project/
but I'm a white boy so I drive by projects/
I'm a king call me Maharabi/
but I'm a kamikaze in a trench coat sittin in your lobby"

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