Wednesday, 30 January 2013

"Juice" by Ces Cru ft. Tech N9ne

"I've been in the back, bitch, playing the sidekick/
Surprised they realized the size of my dick/
They blog and criticize the lines of my shit/
Straddle up on the iron, a load of you ride dick/"

Maaan. This track is ILL. Such a sick old school hip hop feel. I love the drums and the bassline in this. The combination of em both form a beat that give you no other choice but to nod your head. Well, for me at least. But as usual, the 3 elite emcees from the Strange Music label absolutely murder this beat. This track's off Ces Cru's upcoming album, "Constant Energy Struggles", and seems to act as a sign that they aren't fucking around by any means on this album. Check it folks!

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