Tuesday, 8 January 2013

"Lock It Down" by Epidemic

"Critical thinkin', I got a new tone of speakin'/
Dealin' with heathens, whatever you on is treason/
Cynical legion, that find a loophole to sink with/
Lyrical demons, with bulletproof bones and brink skin/"
Over the holidays, someone introduced me to a new duo of emcees, Epidemic. And I'm really fortunate to have been put on to them lol. They're crazy. I'm gonna share their newest video, "Lock It Down", which is a really dope song. But if you like this song, you'll like pretty much all of their music. On their YouTube page, they've posted two albums worth of content, and a few videos. I checked a lot of it out and it was all some elite lyrical shit. It's good finding artists like these guys to re-assure that there's still a lot of people making good music, and focusing on their pen game more.

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