Wednesday, 16 January 2013

"Rage is Back" [NY State of Mind Freestyle] by Black Thought ft. J. Period

"Righteous hustlin', trife corruption/ Look how these OG's with the mics is musclin'/
I fight for justice but minus the red cape/ Dollar short, year late, suckers is scared straight/
They know I'm hotter than the box where the bread's baked/
And brought J Period to cut through the red tape/"

Damn. This track is crazy. If there were ever a rapper that could embody our title, "Eternal Cadence"... it'd probably be Black Thought. This guy's been rapping for a long time, and he's isn't slowing down by any means. I own a Roots album from 1996. Even on that album he was spittin' some pretty crazy shit for that time. Now in 2013, (the year of the Roots' debut album's 20th anniversary) he's still killin shit. Borrowing the classic instrumental from Nas, Black Thought blesses the mic with almost 3 minutes of raw lyricism and delivery. The verse itself can't really be described.. you're just gonna have to listen. Enjoy.

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