Tuesday, 8 January 2013

"We Can't All Be Heroes" by Wax

"I remember when there wasn't no pressure I'd just do this/
Before the music was part of a to-do list/
I love writing, but why? I'm clueless/
It's peaceful yet deceitful... like a buddhist Judas/"

We're finally back after taking an unintended break from blogging over the holidays. I was personally anticipating some new music to ring 2013 in, but nothing's been catching my ear enough to blog. That's until now lol. I finally found some tracks worth sharing today, this video being one of them. "We Can't All Be Heroes" is a very deep track with a mellow, yet upbeat instrumental that fits perfectly to the topic. Wax outlines the troubles that can occur when you're set on chasing your dreams. From forming social problems to forming drug problems, Wax's storytelling style in this song gives you a different perspective on what fighting for success can do to you. Plus the rhymes are really fucking good lol. Check it!

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