Friday, 21 December 2012

"Game Changer" by Saigon ft. Marsha Ambrosius

"Now all along they thinkin we do a song how we bang the girls, I said naw lil' nigga we bout to change the world/
And when I turned it in expecting a grin, they gave a nigga this look like 'never again'/
And I looked back at them like 'never again', I love all of you mother fuckers but just as some friends/
I can't do music if it ain't got a message within, I guess y'all can leave that up to the rest of them then/"
So K Brenton just showed me this song and was telling me he was thinkin of blogging it but the homie is getting jacked so I'm the guy to bring you that sick hip hop shit for the day. This song was awesome. I always wish more people heard songs like this because they think the industry is one way when it's really not. I got in an argument with someone saying I don't dislike mainstream music, mainstream is just what is popular. I don't like when the mainstream becomes taken over by people created by the industry. And I know about the industry doin that because of songs like this; others that pop into my head are "Just to be Different" by Joe Budden or "Industry is Punks"  by Tech N9ne. Songs explaining an artist realizing getting signed to a record label means they have to sacrifice their integrity and change who they are, ultimately leading them to abandon that path. Anyways, he kills the rhymes and message and Marsha Ambrosius provides a great chorus with a nostalgic feel from an earlier hip hop. Check it out.

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