Monday, 17 December 2012

"One Last Thing (Blue Slide Park Anniversary Edition)" by Mac Miller

"I observe, asking what did he design, I see an artificial future for a digital mind/
Muhamed Ali, yea I'm him in his prime, just that normal kid in class who was sittin behind/
Didn't really pay attention though, spittin his rhymes, but now you see his car try gettin inside/
No.  Hell no... I wanna go back home." 
So I fell off the hype of Mac Miller for a while cuz once he started sipping that codeine I wasn't understanding his vision so much. I just didn't appreciate his music as much, it was still always hot stuff but it wasn't my taste. But I like to check up on his new shit cuz he's sick with the rhymes but this one video blew my mind. The first minute or so is a recap of some videos, reminiscing some of his projects over the past year but be patient. Once you see Mac standin in a field looking a little bit like John Lennon your in for a masterpiece. Mac brings some really introspective lyrics to an incredible beat which creates an ambience I can't get enough of. As if the instrumental wasn't heavy enough it continues to build into a faster and more throbbing structure which really feels like it's taking you on a journey. The psychadelic effects and imagery of the video also seem to thump and breathe along in perfect flux with the song. I feel this song is about Mac's struggle with fame, or atleast that's how I interpret some of what he says, particularly towards the end. Anyways, thought this was psychadelic and beautifully done. Check it out!

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