Friday, 14 December 2012

"Damage" by Krizz Kaliko ft. Snow Tha Product

"Now when I step in, these bitches that sittin, finna get the fuck up/
I'mma make them all get dead, I'm a Mexican wreckin', like a drunk in a truck/
When I say I'm the bested, its a statement no question, and I don't give a fuck/
You say that you fly, you whole bitch you a lie, if you comin' against me you shit outta luck/"
So here is the final project of the long awaited Strange Music and Snow tha Product collaboration. They both kill the lyrics and I particularly thought Snow bodied shit, even Kaliko haha. The whole battle set up was jokes but I would've had to been standing with Tech and Rittz on Snow's side. She was choppin really precisely with sick rhymes. Hence why I chose her for lyrics. It was cool seeing some of the Strange family hangin around in the video. I know I saw Kutt Calhoun and E40 in there, but there may be more. I'd feel pretty cool if I was Snow destroying bars and having the whole army of elite Strange muh fuckas rocking around me. Anyways check it out!

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