Wednesday, 12 December 2012

"Plant the Seed (What U Paid For)" by Saigon

"Everybody ballin' huh, everybody winnin', ain't nobody poor no more, everybody spendin'/
Naw we just caught in a world that we call pretending where pretend-to-be niggas been pretending from the beginning/
The minute women are sinnin' in a minute just listen to the infants, they morals becoming so inconsistent/
Lil' boy with his wrist split, lil' girl thinkin strippin' is a business, that's cuz their mother wasn't against it"
I don't bump Saigon that often cuz I have a little bit of a weirder taste but Brenton has one of his songs playin often enough that I know he's dope and really down to earth and just an all around good straight hip hop cat. This song kinda seems like one that's gonna pass by in a day or so without barely anyone taking notice when it was actually a very self conscious song. One that down the road people will look back and realize how much this song defined a generation that you can easily observe all around you if you take a second to be mindful. I don`t really know what else to say about this song, just kinda spoke to me in a way. Check it out, hope you enjoy.

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