Friday, 15 June 2012

"Honors Bio" by e-dubble

"We lose our minds for a minute, get em back, then repeat, fightin' off emotions cuz we think they make us weak/
Chemically imbalanced ain't a challenge it's a treat, so I'm mixing up the medicine and chopping fuckin beats/
I've been bailing up the HAYY, now I'm looking for a HOEE, not derogatory, got some garden seeds I gotta sow/
Green thumbs so I'm rolling with some PETA chicks, soybean dreams, get the vegans some more Pita chips, ech/"

So this past week was one of the dryest weeks in hip-hop that I've had in a while. Didn't hear one new song I liked that would be worthwhile to share on here. But finally I found one little gem that I thought was sick. I featured e-dubble on the blog before and I didn't know anything about him really, and that hasn't changed. I still don't know shit about this guy besides the fact he's grinding and pumping out real music. This song is a little different than the usual hip-hop track but that's why I liked it. Right at the start the beat reminded me of Disney's Tarzan but the beat is really diverse and changes up alot. He also gets a little melodic with his flow for the first little bit but he changes that up too and keeps bringing sick lyrics. All in all I thought this was a great piece of music. Check it out!

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