Tuesday, 19 June 2012

"For Granted" by Grewsum

"I can take you on a ride without a wild gimmick/
My life's interesting enough itself, that's why I live it/
The crazy thoughts in my head, there is really no explaining/
It's just like there's a horror movie in there constantly playing/"

This is what I love about hip-hop. You think you know about all of the best emcees, and continuously get surprised by other new artists that you discover. I've heard of GrewSum before through the Funk Volume DFUOB contest, and Jokerr's diss track to him, but I never really took the time to listen to his shit. So the other day I found this video, and I really liked what I heard. He explains the struggles he faces as an artist and the lack of results he receives for the work he puts in. Kills the lyrics, spits a dope chorus and has a mellow, yet bold feel to the beat. Open ya Earz!

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