Sunday, 3 June 2012

"Sawed Off Shotgun" by Redman

"How do that feel? My crew is on/
Comfortable on the mic, My house shoes is on/
Take cover, yo bitch? let the ape fuck her/
I gotta tape of her, and dogg, you can't love her/"

Over the past year or two, Redman's been weirding me the fuck out. He's been doing a lot of music with a more commercial feel in the beats, and not as great of lyrics as I'm used to hearing from the Funk Doc. This track right here is nothing spectacular, but I thought the collaboration with live musicians was dope as hell. Redman's got more of that Funk Doc flava in this track as well, so it's good to see he hasn't completely sold out. He looks funny as hell for the introduction too haha. Open ya Earz!

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