Tuesday, 19 June 2012

"Straight, No Chaser" by Reks ft. Slaine

"Take you away from the days of flavourless flows from fuckin' fakers/
Faggot foes, face the fact, Reks and Stat, It's a wrap/
I swe-ar, I sta-re, At the mirror, May it remain ra-re/
Daniel's son, in the lion's lair/"

Never really heard of Reks until now, but this song is pretty dope. I'm a fan of Slaine and I found it while searching for tracks by him. But this Statik Selektah beat is fuckin cool and they both killed it. They both got some sick rhymes and I really like Reks' flow. This song is from Reks' album with the same title, which came out this past April. Anyways, check this shit out!

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