Sunday, 3 June 2012

"The Maestro" (Tech N9ne/Strange Music Diss) by The Jokerr

"Then I'll spit it up faster but it isn't really gonna make sense, (Gyeah)/
Cuz the fans can't even understand what he sayin' anyways ??????? if they did but they laugh when a nigga say shit like/
Dark and wicked, (Gyeah), artistic kid, (Gyeah), pickin up frogs and crickets, then he goes back to the line header (Gyeah!)/
It's called completion, it's all cohesive, it's basic music theory bitch and it ain't that hard to teach!"

Haha so I was waiting for this for a while after Jokerr kept dropping hints at wanting to fuck with Strange. I'm a big fan of Jokerr and he's the one guy I've always thought who could take Tech head on and come out the winner. This song explains some of what Jokerr experienced while being introduced to members of Strange Music but the real sick part is the third verse. He fuckin kills Tech making a mockery of how he raps and how he can basically do all that shit too but even more intelligently. I fricken loved how he said Gyeah! in between most of his bars, that is a jokes shot at Tech. Don't get me wrong I am a huge fan of Tech but Jokerr points out a lot of good shit in this song. Even at the end when he's just talking I agreed with a lot of what he said. Check it out!

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