Wednesday, 20 June 2012

"My Life" (Video) by Slaughterhouse

So Brenton already posted this song on the blog ages ago when it first came out so I won't post lyrics again or nothing but I saw the video today and I thought it was pretty sick so I decided to share it. The beginning is pretty funny and reminds me of how random and goofy Eminem used to be back when making a music video for "Without Me." There's some really cool scenes in this just putting a comparison between what these guys used to be doing and what they're doing now. Normally I don't like rappers flashing their success but these guys deserve it and I been waiting for them to get to this point. It's so sick seeing how much they have become buds and can be goofy with eachother, havin fun with their success but still keep it real. I do have to say Cee Lo Green's outfit looks kinda gay in my opinion lmao but all in all this was a sick video.

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