Saturday, 16 June 2012

"Happy Father's Day" by Yelawolf

"To the brick laying, dirt digging, burger flippin in a fuckin kitchen'/
Just to get that cheque on friday so you can bring back home what was missin'/
Every day be my kids day, end of the month is rent day/
And if you don't get back to work on time they tax you for that month's rate"/

So Brenton calls me a goof sometimes for liking Yelawolf cuz he definitely does
not. He thinks his voice and rapping style is weird and annoying. But I know since I showed him a little bit that despite his dislike for him, Brenton can recognize Yelawolf is real to himself and working hard for what he wants. Anyways, tommorrow is father's day and after I featured Tech N9ne's "Mama Nem" for mother's day I figured I should find a track about dads. While I was searching my facebook updated saying Yelawolf released this new track just this evening. I really liked the beat and thought it was some real shit. I've actually been noticing Yelawolf can sing not too bad either. Haha check it out. Happy Father's Day!

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