Monday, 4 June 2012

"Walking On Air" by Rittz

"I'm rapping and they got the nerve to call me ugly, I'm offended, I'm a pimp and I could probably fuck your girlfriend now dawg/
Poke her like a cow prod, poke her standing up inside the bathroom got her grippin on the towel rod, mouth wide/
Do it for the money shot, what the fuck is up with guys, writing comments below my pictures and shit/
On Facebook, need to leave that to the bitches and chicks and see that while you busy dissin me I been gettin rich/"

So I featured Rittz on the blog before but since then I downloaded his cd White Jesus: Revival and the shit was actually fire. Every song is crazy and I love all the elements. There’s lots of rock inspiration and the beats are crazy, Rittz is a monster lyricist and his flow is unstoppable.  A lot of the songs are also some serious, emotional stuff from the guy and he doesn’t give a fuck about no bullshit. This cd was just a free mixtape download but these tracks, not to mention the high quality videos he’s been putting out are showing me the guy really put some time into this project just to build buzz. I’m hoping in the near future Rittz starts popping up all over cuz he’s extremely under rated and deserves it.  This song is one of my favourites and I was stoked to see he made another music video for this one. They call him Rittz bitch, check it out!

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