Saturday, 23 June 2012

"Now a Daze" by Shad

"Yo this world's so sick/
Like Neyo's hit, Old folks with no OHIP, don't slip/
Know who the staff you roll with is/
Your staff could turn to snakes like Moses'/"

I've known for a while now that Shad was one of my country's more influential and lyrical emcees. But I never really took the time to listen to much of his music, aside from a couple of YouTube music videos. A couple of weeks ago I picked up an older album of his, "The Old Prince", and I'm really diggin' a lot of the tracks on there. The London, Ontario spitter has many insightful ideas for his music and manages to form great rhymes to express them. One of my favourites from this album is called Now a Daze. It has a really cool, mellow beat and Shad created a lot of sick lines within the verse. This is far from new, but it's far from wack as well. Check out this live performance!

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