Thursday, 21 June 2012

"Good Morning View" by Asher Roth

"Let's barbecue and maybe hop in the pool, truth is we got nothing to lose/
Except listen to tunes, stay cool and just take in the view, horshoes, maybe open a brew/
hope you know that you'll lose, that's the move, yeah let's go to the roof, roll a doob, take a moment or two/
Soak it in from the wind to the summit, sing from the stomach, sonny, keep your tongue in, don't let it run from ya/
And say somethin you know nothing about, right out loud all in front in the crowd, settle down and enjoy what is coming/"

So I've really been diggin anything I heard from Asher Roth in the last while. He's not as intricate with his lyrics as he used to be but he has a vibe and outlook on life I can't help but love. His most recent songs all make mefeel like he's in a real good place with his music, not livin lavish, but not wanting to, just content with havin what he needs to get by. I thought the beat in this song was great, I started melting into my couch on my deck and felt the heat of the sun on my eyelids making me feel all cripsy and calm. Besides the mood there is some great band instruments that particularly pop out at the chorus which separates it from the chilling guitar during the verses. I like the little part where he's talking bout some simple stuff you should do like "...kiss your mom, and highfive your dad and be like wassup."

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