Thursday, 30 May 2013

"Bully" by Jarren Benton ft. Vinnie Paz

"I'm an animal, I grew up in the pits of hell/
I'm strong enough to punch through the ocean and fuckin' kill a whale/
Scalpels and all sorts of assortments/
Bitch, I'm a pimp, I can sell shit to a toilet!/"

I think this collaboration is random as hell. I'm not complaining or anything, it's good to see Vinnie working with a Funk Volume artist. Just caught me a lil off guard haha. It actually turned out to be an alright song though. It's from Jarren Benton's first album on FV, "My Grandma's Basement", which drops on June 11. This song gives you what you'd expect from each artist, so if you're a fan of either than you should check this!

To pre-order "My Grandma's Basement", click here.

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