Tuesday, 7 May 2013

"Peace [Demo]" by Shad

"Crack jokes, crack eggs for a feast/
Got us all scrambled, gotta beat 'em just to eat/
And it's not taught which teaches us to repeat/
This strong cycle of violence, now it's harder than peace/"
Shad's one of the emcees I often forget about. Which is totally unacceptable lol, this guy's a beast and his music's very unique. On top of that, he's Canadian. So every time he pops up, I get a reminder of how sick he is. I don't know if this tracks for a certain project or anything, I just seen him post it to Facebook today and it's actually a pretty deep track. The sample sounded a lil weird, but once the drums kick in it's dope as hell. And once Shad starts displaying his ability to manipulate words, it all comes together. Fuckin sick track. Take it in!

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