Thursday, 30 May 2013

"Tryna Get On" by Tito Lopez ft. Jon Connor

"Y'all ain't noticed I'm focused, but niggas provoke us with ignorance/
Ain't wrote one rap, I just spat, and wanna act like I owe you my business/
What is this? Got all these people thinkin I'm rich and shit, like this is it/
Like I got some instant hit, man I'm just tryna get in position, shit/"

This collaboration was bound to happen. I kinda feel like both Jon Connor and Tito Lopez are in a similar position in the rap game. They both have their own independent fan bases, they're both dope, and I feel like they're both underrated. Which is what makes this song seem so creative. They're both tryna get on and you can see it if you pay attention. I don't think this is from a project, just a new single. At first I wasn't a fan of the beat but I adjusted to it once they both started spittin sick verses. All in all, it's a dope collab, check it.

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