Tuesday, 14 May 2013

"Raiders Cap" by Demigodz

"Hit record on your radios to tape my verse/
The only way to get to space and escape this earth/
Stick to the facts, Ap got the wickedest raps/
OG like a Raiders cap with snaps in the back/"

Man this video makes me feel a little inadequate. I don't have a Raiders cap. The Demigodz make them seem so fun to have too. So much that they made a song dedicated to them. And guess what. Their song about a Raiders cap is better than most of the mainstream crap broadcasted to us through media. Weird eh? Demigodz dropped a new visual today for this track from their recently released album, KILLmatic. The Apathy produced beat has a classic hip-hop vibe to it that instantly makes you wanna wear a Raiders cap. Lmao, enjoy the video!

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